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Business processes and their traditional data flows are designed to optimise the operational running of the business. While this is efficient and cost effective, it is very rare that the data is stored in a format to support both analysis and business intelligence, which would enable your business to evolve and move forward. This lack of pre-programmed support prevents extraction of the true insight and value the data has to offer.

The intelligence that can be gained from your information, as it passes to the operational sector, can be invaluable when planning delivery against future market trends. Stoat Software has vast experience of developing ETL solutions, to seamlessly extract essential data from operational systems and transform that key information into schemes, designed to support future and past business analysis.

We use industry leading tools including Talend and Pentaho to extract data from all major database vendors to build analysis data marts or use Hadoop's HDFS in preparation for further analysis.

For more information about how Stoat Software could develop and maintain your ETL processes, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.