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The Internet has evolved into a vast framework of connected servers providing remote access and communication throughout the world. One of the benefits of this explosion in connectivity allows services to scale up to very high data throughput by load balancing across many servers, creating greater processing power with the additional benefits of redundancy and resilience.

Cloud based providers such as Amazon EC2 provide Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) solutions enabling organisations to switch on/off vast processing power on demand, without incurring the overhead costs.

For example, computationally intense calculations can be split into thousands of processes and run in parallel across large grids of commodity hardware, prior to combining the results for final presentation utilising MapReduce and Hadoop.

Stoat Software is experienced in developing highly scalable distributed applications to support load balancing and computationally intense applications. For more information about developing distributed applications, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Stoat Software was proud to contribute to the open source software package RemoteREngine, enabling a farm of R servers to provide computational support to a server or application. The API for the RemoteREngine can be found at: